GER/DEN 2019


Danish handball finally united the all three crowns in the world of handball! Generation of Mikkel Hansen, Niklas Landin and Co. made amazing result by taking triple crown which consist EURO, Olympic and World’s titles!

It was boring at the final. Norway haven’t been on the level shown in semi-final against Germany, showing bad performance just like two years ago at the final in Paris Bercy against home team France.

Denmark have been even more powerful as the host! At the end 31:22 (18:11) without any moment in the match, when Sagosen and Co. could find the chance.

Magnus Rod wasn’t on the previous level, Bjarte Myrhol scored for the first time in 32nd minute, while Denmark have been strong in defense with a lot of easy goals from the start and fantastic four right-handed players in attack Hansen, Lauge, Mensah and Olsen, who made the difference.

In the 45th minute was 25:15, when frenetic fans at “Boxen” could start celebrate.

Norway – Denmark  22-31 (11-18)

Norway: Magnus Jondal 9, Sander Sagosen 3, Goran Johannessen 3, Kristian Bjornsen 2, Magnus Rod 2, Bjarte Myrhol 1, Petter Overby 1, Harald Reinkind 1.

Denmark: Mikkel Hansen 7, Morten Olsen 5, Rasmus Lauge 4, Lasse Svan 4, Mads Mensah 4, Anders Zachariassen 3, Magnus Landin 3, Nikolaj Øris 1.

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