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Danish social media questions the refereeing at HC Zomimak-Aarhus match

The Danish social networks are full of negative comments on the refeering of the HC Zomimak-Aarhus match, in which the Macedonian side triumphed and made a historic success by reaching the EHF Cup Group stage. A video that shows all the flagrant fouls made by HC Zomimak and which were not sanctioned by the referees has already reached 100,000 views. The two referees came from Azerbaijan.

Check out the video: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unIXuy4uyK4[/youtube]



  1. Sportinguista

    6. December 2013. at 11:00

    Is this(EHF CUP) a professional compettion? Just asking because if this violene persists I am pretty sure that HANDBALL will be banned from the OLYMPICS. When Zominak comes to Lisbon to play against SPORTING we will hire a SWAT TEAM, MARINES and buy a cage because this players are animals.

  2. Thomas Amby

    5. December 2013. at 20:59

    Aleksandar what the hell are you talking about??So you are saying that its okay to try to injure your opponent – are you crazy?
    This is really embarrassing for macedonian handball!

  3. Objectiv

    5. December 2013. at 19:37

    These referees should not have any part of handball any more. One of the worst refereesscandal I’ve ever seen

  4. Lourenço

    5. December 2013. at 19:05

    I cannot believe what I have just seen, this is criminal behavior from the referees. What were the players from Zominak thinking when there were defending???
    EHF must take action before somebody gets seriously injured. Handball is not this.

    PS: I am not danish.

  5. Aleksandar

    4. December 2013. at 23:15

    Danish teams and Aarhus always aided by judges …. now that is regularly they cry and complain …

  6. Aleksandar

    4. December 2013. at 23:08

    Macedonian handball players played regularly and judged judges regularano …. Danish handball players is fairly demanding justification for defeat …. Zonimak Macedonian handball players regularly beat … sarmota and nesporting relationship Aarhus … support for judges who Azerbedjan judged regularly ….

  7. Aleksandar

    4. December 2013. at 22:57

    Shame on Aarhus …. Zonimak deserved win … judges judged whether the rules …. Danes always want help from the judges that got very times ….

  8. Aleksandar

    4. December 2013. at 22:50

    Shame on DANISTA team Aarhus …. Zomimak deserved win …. this is glutamate Player sh Aarhus and shame on him for not fer game ….

  9. Ole M

    4. December 2013. at 21:54

    It is a scandal. These referees should be banned for lifetime. This was not a handballgame – more a boxing match from the macedonian team.

  10. BMmaristasAlicante

    4. December 2013. at 11:19

    This is not handball
    Shame on them!!

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