Darko Stanic’s case: Price for RK Vardar was 800.000 EUR!

One of the biggest stories of the last handball summer was possible transfer of Serbian goalkeeper Darko Stanic from Skopje’s RK Metalurg. One of the best goalkeeper in Europe in the last few years was a target of many teams after his public dissatisfaction of his status in team of Lino Cervar. Clausule for freedom was about 200-300.000, only for the biggest rival RK Vardar – much more! That said also Slovenian right back Renato Vugrinec, who is playing with Stanic at “Autokomanda”:

– Just when I extended deal with Metalurg last March, in that time coach of RK Vardar Veselin Vujovic called me to ask for possible move. I told him that he had to call me before if he was interested. They wanted also Darko Stanic. Metalurg wouldn’t let us to move to Vardar. In case that I wanted to left Macedonia, they would made some transfer fee. Metalurg set price of 800.000 EUR for Darko Stanic transfer to Vardar! On the other hand, second goalkeeper Petar Angelov left to Vardar without problem. Rivality is so huge here – said Vugrinec for SIOL.NET.

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