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Denmark beat France in Paris’ Golden League Final

Denmark won the two important matches at Golden League in France. After beating Norway 28:26, the reigning World Champions beat France 31:30 led by playmaker Damgaard who netted 11 goals in total, with the last one in the most crucial moments…

France: – Denmark 30-31 (14-17)

France: D. Mem 7, R. Prandi 5, N. Karabatic 4, M. Guigou 3, M. Richardson 2, N. Remili 2, A. Dipanda 2, V. Porte 1, N. Tournat 1, L. Abalo 1, C. Sorhaindo 1, R. Lagarde 1.

Denmark: M. Damgaard Nielsen 11, M. Hansen 6, M. Brammig 3, M. Saugstrup Jensen 3, J. Hansen 2, J. Holm 2, H. Lindberg 1, R. Toft Hansen 1, M. Olsen 1, N. Kirkelokke 1.

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1 Comment

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