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DHF chairman frustrated after “shocking” message, EURO 2020 still under question!

DHF chairman, Per Bertelsen, is tired of waiting for clarification about the European Championship finals in December.

Danish Handball Association (DHF) is still waiting for an answer from the government’s corona committee. They must decide whether Denmark can take over the full hosting of the European Championship finals after Norway withdrew as co-host.

There are less than two weeks until the final round is scheduled to begin, but it is still unclear whether it can be completed. DHF only needs one approval and it pulls out. Now DHF chairman Per Bertelsen will soon have a clarification after postponing the first deadline on Thursday.

– It is, fortunately, the case that you can turn over an hourglass. We had a clear expectation that it just ran through Thursday, he says to TV 2 SPORT.

Per Bertelsen goes on to say that everything is in place in relation to arranging the final round with Herning and Kolding as host cities. But the political stamp of approval is missing.

– On Monday we were faced with a situation we had not dreamed of at all. Namely that we could not run this championship on Danish soil next to the rules that exist for elite sports in Denmark at the moment. It was a shock to us.

Minister of Culture Joy Mogensen said that they are still working on the case.

– The government’s position is that we do everything we can to find a solution. It must be sound in terms of health, and the dialogue we have with DHF and the health authorities continues.

Per Bertelsen does not recognize Joy Mogensen’s words that as such there is a dialogue with the Minister. Since 9 o’clock on Friday, DHF has only heard from the minister on Saturday afternoon with the message that they are working on a solution.

Bertelsen calls the whole situation ‘grotesque’.

Has convened a meeting on Sunday

Norway withdrew at the beginning of the week as co-host due to the tightening of coronary restrictions in the country.

Per Bertelsen has convened DHF’s board for a meeting on Sunday at 11 am.

– Here we have to make a decision whether we should throw the towel in the ring or not. We must agree on that decision.

How long can you keep waiting?

– Until the hourglass breaks, I was just about to say. It will be decided by the board at 11 o’clock on Sunday.

We can only wait

On Thursday, Bertelsen explained to TV 2 SPORT that he could not understand why nothing new was coming. DHF has its say.

– That it must go through the covid-19 committee, we can not understand. We have (in handball, ed.) A corona protocol, which is significantly stricter than the Danish rules, so we do not understand. We can only wait. Unfortunately, time is running out to solve the task. Time is running out, he told TV 2 SPORT on Thursday night.

Source: sport.tv2.dk

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