DKB Bundesliga “All Star” spectacle in front of 7.600 fans in Nuremberg

The traditional handball spectacle “DKB Bundesliga All Star match” has been played in Nuremberg last Friday. Over 7.600 fans had a nice chance to see golden German national team, who won the European championship in Poland just a five days before the show in their city. Golden Germans played 36:36 against the team of the “DKB Bundesliga biggest stars”.

Germany – DKB Bundesliga All Stars 36:36 (16:17)

Germany: Wolff (1/1), Lichtlein; Sellin (7), Lemke, Wiede (1), Pekeler (1), Strobel (1), Schmidt (6), Fäth (2), Häfner, Dahmke (1), Kühn (1), Ernst (6), Pieczkowski (3), Kohlbacher (6)

All Stars: Landin, Andersson, Green; Schmid, Maric (2), Eggert (1), Glandorf (1), Mogensen, Svan (5), Sesum (2), Baena (2), Lindberg (1), Holst (1), Toft Hansen (3), Schiller (5), Lauge (2), Weber (4), Petersson, Vujin (4), Ekdahl du Rietz (3)

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