Drama in Veszprem – “Zebras” go to Cologne!

THW Kiel will have a chance to remain at the TOP of European handball! “Zebras” beat MKB Veszprem 29:28 (12:14) after another dramatic match in which team of Alfred Gislason played very good in the last 15 minutes and break the resistance of the rival – Hungarian champion who despite great two matches have to stay at home at the beginning of June.

Team of Carlos Ortega began very good with 5:1 lead. Germans managed to get back to the match but only to reduce home team advantage. Hungarian had +4 (12:8, 13:9, 14:10) and two attacks to make +5, but without success.
Gislason tried with 5-1 defense with Narcisse ahead of others and that made a lot of positive things for his team.In 33th minute was 15:15. Veszprem led by fantastic crowd made last effort at the middle of second half. In 44th minute was 22:20, but Germans made 4:0 series in three minutes (22:24). From that point, until end of the match, home team didn’t find a way to catch EHF CL winner from Cologne 2012…

MKB VESZPREM  – THW KIEL 28:29 (14:12)
MKB VESZPREM: Fazekas 11 saves, Alilovic 1 7-meter, Nagy 5/8, Terzic 0/4, Ivancsik 1(1)/2, Sulic 5/5, Ugalde 5/5, Gulyas 3/4, Chema Rodriguez 5/5, Jamali 1/2, Czaszar 4(3)/5

THW KIEL: Omeyer 4 saves (1 7-meter), Ilic 2(2)/5, Vujin 7(1)/9, Narcisse 3/5, Toft Hansen 1/1, Jicha 7/10, Sigurdsson 2/3, Sprenger 0/2, Ahlm 3/3, Palmarson 3/5, Ekberg 1/2, Palicka 3 saves

RESULTS: 5:17 (7.) 5:5 (11.) 8:5 (13.) 9:6 (16.) 11:7 (21.) 12:8 (23.) 13:9 (26.) 14:10 (27.) 14:13 (31.) 15:15 (33.) 19:16 (38.) 20:18 (41.) 22:20 (44.) 22:24 (47.) 23:26 (53.) 25:27 (55.) 27:29 (58.) 28:29 (59.)

MoM: Filip Jicha (THW Kiel)




  1. Peter85

    28. April 2013. at 09:47

    I am sorry man, but did you see the game??There was a trend as Kiel could attack till they found a goal but when Veszprém was on attack then that was in 15-20 on passive..After Toft did an obvious defensive foul in the 2nd half but it could be continued..After at the counter-attack there was no foul at all but 7meter and suspension..
    If u watch just the statistics then it does not say much as the referees made the compensation at the end of the game..

  2. Jaader

    28. April 2013. at 07:14

    EHF is a scandal. Why don’t they write notice of race of the final four, that there MUST be AT LEAST one GERMAN and one SPANSH team?? It is really obvious, that this is the driving force behind the referee “mistakes”… Such a shame…

  3. Dalor

    27. April 2013. at 23:57

    As someone who was rooting for neither team, I don’t see any scandal. I thought the judging was fair. It was obvious the judges were Danish, Danish judges tend to be more strict and Kiel capitalized on it better. I’ve seen Danish teams get mauled in Eastern Europe because they were not used to the level of roughness allowed.

    All in all, Kiel and Veszprem are obviously teams that are evenly matched, but Kiel won on experience. They kept their cool when it mattered and what I saw in this match was nothing compared to what Atletico faced in the final against Kiel last year. That was a real scandal.

    Honestly, too many crybabies in here.

  4. Peter85

    27. April 2013. at 21:05

    And that was not a drama then a shame..From the next season it should not be any preliminary matches just a final four with at least one german, spanish team, PSG and still one outsider just to have more money..

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  6. Peter85

    27. April 2013. at 20:42

    All right then let’s say a big thank u to the referees..
    I do not know when i saw such kind of incorrect work by a referee as now..
    If u have questions please just watch back the second half of the game..
    Kiel was not better than Veszprém at all..
    But anyway we have to accept that and move on…
    Hajrá Veszprém!!!Hajrá Magyar kézilabda!!!

  7. Balint

    27. April 2013. at 19:12

    Thank EHF. Hope once introduced to the video referee system, you do not have to look us in the game paid off lead.

  8. rehren

    27. April 2013. at 17:20

    Császár,not Czaszar….

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