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Draw between RNL and HBC Nantes put RK Vardar at 1/4 finals!

Rhein Neckar Lowen and HBC Nantes played 30:30 (13:15) afterwards RK Vardar Skopje secured position No.1 and direct placement at quarterfinal of the VELUX EHF Champions League!

The German champions will finish fourth, while HBC Nantes are still on the second place, but if Barca win over PICK Szeged, the French vice-champions will finish third with Meshkov Brest for the rivals at TOP 16.

Rhein-Neckar Löwen – HBC Nantes 30:30 (13:15)

Löwen: Palicka, Appelgren; Schmid (5), Sigurdsson, Radivojevic (1), Baena (5), Tollbring (6/2), Mensah, Pekeler (2), Groetzki (1), Reinkind (1), Taleski (3), Petersson (4), Keller (2)

Nantes: Dumoulin, Siffert; Lagarde (5), Saurina, Guillo (1), Claire (7), Klein (1), Pechmalbec (1), Tournat (5), Emonet (1), Matulic (1), Gurbindo (6/1), Auffret (1), Hansen (1)


3.Barcelona 13823380:35018
4.Rhein-Neckar 14653416:39117
5.Szeged 13616394:38313
6.Wisla Plock13229349:3776
7.PPD Zagreb13229325:3696
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