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DREAM ABOUT SEMI-FINAL: Hungary or Brazil?

One of the most interesting clashes of the Women’s WWCH 2013 1/4 final will be the one of Hungary and Brazil. Hungarian team on the wings of their fans come to the TOP 8 with four victories and two defeats, but performance against Spain at eighth-final showed that Tomori and Co. have still a chance to improve their form. On the other side fantastic Brazilian girls showed TOP class and came a step to the biggest success in the handball history of Pan America. Brazil’s record is the fifth place at the WWCH 2011 at home court.

Who will celebrate at the end? Brazil or Hungary – 17.30 “Kombank Arena” – Belgrade.



  1. idiot huge metal fan

    19. December 2013. at 14:54

    3 out of 4 semifinalists are from the same group. Brazil ended 1st in that group. And the guy says they have no brain for the game?? cmon.

  2. Lacerda

    19. December 2013. at 01:06

    Huge metal fan isn’t totally wrong, but probably forgot something: Brazilian girls have guts.
    I think brazilian team will not pass by Denmark (again), but it won’t be a shock if they become the champions

  3. Frederico

    19. December 2013. at 00:15

    Unbelievable struggle! What such powerful girls team!! Brazil never ever been so proud about this! And it’s coming by the girls… We love all them!

  4. monpoa

    18. December 2013. at 23:08

    looks like that the non brainers have won against the no heads…

  5. idiot huge metal fan

    18. December 2013. at 22:18

    kkkkkkkkk “Brazilian girls have no brain for the game…” what an idiot. Bye Bye Hungary.

  6. Huge metal fan

    18. December 2013. at 16:13

    Brasilian girl are big, strong a fast, perhaps the best athletes in the whole WC but they have no brain for the game, nor have they good substitutes to replace Duda or Nascimento so Hungary can easily break them off if played clever and tough in defense.

  7. Luiz Gustavo

    18. December 2013. at 11:43

    Brazil will make history!

    I love too Anita, but Duda and Nascimento are better performance.

    Go Brazil!

  8. Polak Wegier dwa bratanki

    18. December 2013. at 08:54

    I love Anita Gorbicz so obviously Hungary will win for sure.
    Go girls, stay unite in defense and kill Brazil in fast attacks.

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