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Dutch girls are at the TOP of the world!

Dutch handball girls are the World Champions 2019!

Team of Emmanuel Mayonnade won the thriller at Park Dome in Kumamoto, where French refferes sisters Bonaventura gave red card and 7-meter throw to Netherlands after “obstruction” by one Spanish player who blocked Tess Wester six seconds before the final buzzer…

This is the first ever gold medal in Dutch handball era which began with World Championship 2015 final against Norway.

30:29 (16:13)

Spain: Alexandrina Cabral Barbosa 7, Marta Lopez Herrero 6, Alicia Fernandez Fraga 5, Nerea Pena Abaurrea 3, Ainhoa Hernandez Serrador 3, Soledad Lopez Jimenez 2, Mireya Gonzalez Alvarez 2, Lara Gonzalez Ortega 1.

The Netherlands: Estavana Polman 9, Lois Abbingh 7, Danick Snelder 5, Laura Van Der Heijden 3, Angela Malestein 3, Debbie Bont 2, Bo Van Wetering 1.



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  2. Handball referee

    16. December 2019. at 19:13

    Please read the rules. They are clear on this. In the last 30 seconds of a match that move is An obstruction. She should have kept 6m distance. The referee was right.
    Spain should have made the last goal but they didn’t. The dutch won rightly so after a great save from their goalie.

  3. Handballer

    15. December 2019. at 19:32

    For everyone the champion is Spain, this is an outrage. It wasn’t “obstruction”, it was a completely legal action. French referee should be expelled and not to arbitrate again.

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