Dutch girls win but no battle for medal after 5 years!

Netherlands beat Germany 28:27 in exiting match of the Main Round in Kolding, but that isn’t enough for reigning World Champions to continue fantastic series of playing at semi-finals of the big events since World Championship 2015.

Tess Wester, once again, was the “wall” of her team with fantastic 18 saves, but Dutch girls needed win of 2 and more goals difference to come on positive side of possible “three teams” table at the end of the Group.

At semi-final, beside Norway, will play Croatia or Germany.

Croatia beat Netherlands 27:25, so team coached by Emmanuel Mayonade has goal difference -1.

Croatia can afford even minimal defeat against Germany, but two goals win will put German girls in the medal’s battle.

Norway 8
Croatia 6
Netherlands 4
Germany 4
Hungary 0
Romania 0

Mandatory Credit © Jozo Cabraja / kolektiff

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