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Dutch youngstar, Angela Malestein: “I want to reach everything”

Women’s Handball in Netherlands growing fast. At the last EHF EURO 2010, Dutch team finished in TOP 8, U 19 Team won silver medal at the ECh last summer and one of the biggest star of these generation is right wing, Angela Malestein (19), the member of “All Stars Team”. She talks for Balkan-Handball.com in Zajecar, where her MizuWaAi Dalfsen played  two games in the Cup Winners Cup – Round 3 (two defeats 22:30 – 24:27).

Why did you start playing handball?

– Because my friends are playing handball. First I trained gymnastics and I play very high and club was weak, so I quit with that. Then I go for handball. No one from my family ever played handball. Only my sister played, but she doesn’t play anymore.

Do you have any player as a role model?

– Not especially for technical things or something. I look at teams training, how they train, few players, but no one especially.

Is there any especial club you would like to play for?

– Of course, you have a tough clubs in the leagues of Europe, but first you have to play good in Holland and then to see what comes, and what is the best team for you. We will see.

Once again you’re playing against Zajecar, but now with MizuWaAi Dalfsen. What is your comment about the first game of CWC?

– We played very good in the first half, we played with our mind and had very good defense. In the second half we still had a good defense and we have a good goalkeeper, but we didn’t play with our mind, we didn’t play good and that was a problem. And in the second half refeeres were not too good.

You’re for the 2nd time in this city. Did you have time to see the city?

– No, no. We are a little bit far from the city (laugh). Hotel is in the mountain, so no, we didn’t have time.

Currently, MizuWaAi is on the 1st position in the Eredivisie league. What do you expect from home league in this season?


– In our league we have three teams to play in the playoffs: SEW, VOC and us. We have to be a champions in the league, but you never know. We have to play good in every match. And we have to learn from this matches in the Europe league and we will see. I think we have to be a champions with this team.

You’re a part of the senior national team. What are expectations from World Championship in Brasil?

– We have good and young group and I expect that we will be in the last eight. Than maybe we can qualificate for the Olympic Games. I hope and that is our main goal.

You also play for the junior national team. And at the European Championship you won a silver medal…


–  Now we go for the gold. Last year we won bronze, third place. This year we have a second place and next year we want to go for the gold in Netherlands.

What is the biggest success of your career?

– The silver medal on the European Championship U19 this year…

… You were the best right wing in that Championship.

– Yes, that is also special. But I think it is more important thing to win gold or silver medal, to play like a team and that is the first thing that you have in your mind.

In the end, what would be a “dream come true” for you in handball?

– I have many dreams. I want to play in the Olympic Games. I want to win a World Championship. I want to play in Champions League. Also to play for a foreign clubs later. I want to reach everything.

photo: handballworld.nl

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