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DYNASTY! Fourth EURO gold, 13th trophy for France!

France won the fourth gold medal at EHF EURO events, 13th in the national history with trophies from World Championships and Olympic Games.

Amazing achievements for the French team.

Golden journey began with World Championship 1995 in Iceland.

Olympic Games
Gold medal – first place2008 BeijingTeam
Gold medal – first place2012 LondonTeam
Gold medal – first place2020 TokyoTeam
Silver medal – second place2016 Rio de JaneiroTeam
Bronze medal – third place1992 BarcelonaTeam
World Championship
Gold medal – first place1995 Iceland
Gold medal – first place2001 France
Gold medal – first place2009 Croatia
Gold medal – first place2011 Sweden
Gold medal – first place2015 Qatar
Gold medal – first place2017 France
Silver medal – second place1993 Sweden
Silver medal – second place2023 Poland/Sweden
Bronze medal – third place1997 Japan
Bronze medal – third place2003 Portugal
Bronze medal – third place2005 Tunisia
Bronze medal – third place2019 Germany/Denmark
European Championship
Gold medal – first place2006 Switzerland
Gold medal – first place2010 Austria
Gold medal – first place2014 Denmark
Gold medal – first place2024 Germany
Bronze medal – third place2008 Norway
Bronze medal – third place2018 Croatia

Mandatory Credit © HRS / Anze Malovrh

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