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EHF CL: Kielce with +12 over Porto

No surprise in Kielce where hosts Vive Targi Kielce outfought FC Porto Vitalis 35:23. The very beginning of the match was a bit unexpected as Porto took the lead 4:1 but it turned out to be just temporary. Kielce team caught up with their opponent and got back on track; they could not gain a significant advantage though. Porto players were breaking through Vive’s defense quite easily while hosts were missing the goal. At the break Vive left the court leading by 3 goals (16:13). Second half began brilliantly for Kielce – in the first 6 minutes they scored 6 goals and lost only one. Sławomir Szmal also did his job in the Polish goal well saving i.e. a penalty shot and a few couterattacks. Poles were away by 9 goals and then Porto started coming from behind. However, Kielce did not allow them for much and took the full upper hand. When the victory could not be endangered anymore, Polish Champions attempted to score in more impressive way what the audience might enjoy. In the end Kielce won by 12 goals; top scorer for Kielce was Michał Jurecki who hit the net 6 times. Even though the result seems impressive, Kielce team did not avoid mistakes. Luckily for them, either there was Szmal in the goal ready to save the situation or Portugeses themselves gave their opponents gifts like attacker’s fouls or calls for passive play.

Vive Targi Kielce – FC Porto Vitalis 35:23 (16:13)

Vive: Szmal, Losert – Grabarczyk, Jurecki 6, Tkaczyk 1, Olafsson 2, Aquinagalde 4, Bielecki, Jachlewski 4, Strlek 4, Lijewski 3, Buntić 3, Musa 1, Zorman 1, Rosiński 1, Cupić 5 (1).
Porto: Bravo, Laurentinho 1 – Carvalhais, Duarte 6, Santos, Ferraz 4, Alves 1, Amador Salina, Rocha 2, Moreira 2, Davyes 2, Santos 2, Pereira 3, Schubert.
TEXT: Martyna Usnarska

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