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EHF: €3,000 fine for Lino Cervar!

A fine of €3,000 has been given to Lino Cervar, a part of which, €1,000, is imposed on a suspended basis until the end of the competition.

The punishment has been imposed for an incident that took place in the final minute of the main round match between Croatia and Belarus.

In the 59”29 minute of the match, the coach, Lino Cervar, was witnessed to have made contact with a player from Belarus.

The EHF Disciplinary Commission carefully examined and evaluated the EHF Supervisor’s report, the statement of the Croatian federation as well as the video of the incident.

The Disciplinary Commission noted that the coach, while standing close to the side line, initiated a slight body contact with a player from the opposing team.

The Disciplinary Commission emphasises that a coach of his calibre and experience should be well aware that no body contact, be it of a slight intensity, intentional or not, should be initiated with any of the opponents

The panel found his behaviour to be improper and unsportsmanlike conduct.

An appeal is possible until 19 January 2018, 00:00hrs local time.

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