EHF EUR0 2010 (Group “A”): Serious Romania for the biggest Serbian defeat ever

First clash of the last Day 6 of the Preliminary phase of Group A at the EHF EURO 2010 between Romania and Serbia 40:28 (20:14) is finished with an easy win of better Romanian team. Neagu and other girls took two points and they will start with same number in the Main Round. For the Serbians, ninth consecutive defeat at three last European Championships from 2006 (EURO 2006 – 14th place, EURO 2008 – 13th), enough for a 14th place this year. To make things worse is a fact that this is the biggest defeat at some big event (WC or EURO competition) in the 50 years long history of the Yugoslav or Serbian female handball!

The biggest one until this night was a defeat from Austria 27:38 at WC 2003 in Croatia.

In the second match of Group A, Denmark beats Spain 22:19 – STATISTICS

Denmark 6
Romania 4
Spain 2
Serbia 0

Photo: Uroš Hočevar – EHF EURO 2010

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