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EHF prevents regional league! Red light from Vienna for the new project!

Womens’ regional WRHL was subject to laughter by all handball factors in the region and wider, due to the fact that it was led in very non-serious manner and non-serious management, failing to even do more than just collecting participation money from the clubs and following the schedule – for example some sort of final tournament would be success. No strategy, terrible schedule, cancelling the F4 tournament this season because of not enough clubs, however, were not a reason enough for the EHF to support a new project which was developed by the Russian businessman – Sergei Samsonenko, who managed to gather sponsors and offer conditions similar to the mens’ SEHA league.

At the executive committee meeting of EHF in Umag at the end of June, the league has been cancelled until further notice, probably until next season. With the stopping of this idea, the possibility to see the players of Metalurg, Vardar, Lokomotiva, Podravka, Krim, Brasov and perhaps Hungarian teams, was stopped too.

Whether the fear of EHF that the creation of serious league would challenge the EHF Champions League (W) or just solidarity with Slovenian Leopold Kajin, the president of the competition commission of EHF and first man of the non-existant WHRL league.. either way women’s handball is to lose next year.

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