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Elverum “sold out” hall for 200 spectators – Abalo is coming in September!

The most ambitious Norwegian handball project Elverum Handball began officially preparation for the new season on Monday, July 20, in front of 200 fans who brought tickets for the new experience in Terningen Arena.

As many as ten new players – and a new head coach, famous name Borge Lund, were presented in “sold out” hall.

The corona situation and the audience restrictions made the premiere a little less social than normal, but it seemed that the audience still enjoyed themselves. It probably helped the mood that Børge Lund set up a session where there was room for laughter and jokes – as well as moderately good performances in football.

  • The audience also got to see a bit of what lives in the new stable. The new players were presented with some of their brands, including hard shots from Aspenbäck, Mathé and Fingren, finesse and overview from Schønningsen and Pujol, resilience from Hedberg and Nilsen-Nygaard, and power from Hübert Larsen. Kvernes and Tau were also present, but were over training due to some minor injuries. Luc Abalo joins the squad in mid-September, and was therefore not present.

Børge Lund seemed like a happy man, and took the time to talk to the audience for ten minutes.

  • It is completely unique in Norwegian handball that it is sold out in the middle of the summer holidays. And had it not been for Korona, there would probably have been twice as many here “boasted Børge and thanked the audience for the fantastic support the team receives. In the beginning, it’s about taking care of the players, and giving them a good total load. Many of these players have not taken in a ball since March, and therefore we must have a strong focus on injury prevention training. At the same time, we will play together, and increase the pressure on the duel game throughout the run-up, said Lund.
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