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EURO 2014 Quals: Spain qualify for EC 2014 in Denmark after superb win over Macedonia

The Spanish squad have again won over Macedonia after previously winning in Skopje with 24-17. This time, game played in Guadalajara, was won easily by the Spanish with huge 29-17. The Macedonian squad was only equal in the first 20 minutes of the first half, when the closest they got was 8-7 lead for Spain, but since then the Spanish have shown why they are World Champions. Winning the first half 12:8 was obviously not enough, so Valero Rivera urged at the half time break for even stronger defence and more efficient attack. This resulted with 16:9 victory in the second half, for a total of 28:16 win for Spain. This victory makes Spain the second team to qualify for the European Championship 2014 in Denmark, after yesterday France were already there after beating Norway for second time. Top scorer of the game was Valero Rivera Folch.




  1. pascu pinsoro

    7. April 2013. at 22:07


    More money in Germany,now also in France but the more beautiful and modern handball is played in Spain!!!!,

    Very interesting home-league (ASOBAL) and at this moment very interesting young Spanish players in ASOBAL,

    Do you want watch very good,very fast handball?,watch ASOBAL,ASOBAL in not dead,Spain will return soon with the best league.

  2. Félixvs

    7. April 2013. at 16:10

    We got a good home league no more because we havent got money but that has still nothing to do with our level !
    Hope it lasts a little while…
    We can fight that EC 2014 and even I think we are favorites.
    We dominated and almost turned ridiculous that superb Denmark squad in last final so… why not?
    We can be positive.

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