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Fantastic debut of Xavi Pascual on Romanian bench

Romania began qualifications for the Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in fantastic way with new coach Xavi Pascual. Romanians won in Belarus 26:23 (13:10) and made fantastic intro into the new Olympic cycle! This was their first triumph after eight years in qualifications for EURO events!

Belarus – Romania 23-26 (10-13)

Belarus: Saldatsenka, Matskevich – portari, Brouka 2, Kulesh 2, Shynkel 2, Pukhouski 4, D. Rutenka 5, Nikulenkau, Shylovich 4, Yurunok 2, Baranau, Shumak, Padshyvalau 1, Karalek 1, Tsitou, Bokhan.

Romania: Popescu, Irimuş – portari; Cîntec 5, Mocanu 4, Ramba 3, Mihalcea, Ghionea 6, Sadoveac 2, Szasz, Negru 1, Csepreghi 1, Lazăr, Fenici 2, Pavel, Criciotoiu 2, Stamate.

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1 Comment

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