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“Fast and easy” – Vive Targi Kielce at F4 in Cologne!

Vive Targi Kielce is the third team quailifed for the VELUX EHF Champions League F4 in Cologne! “Fast and easy” was the second clash with Metalurg Skopje 26:15 (12:8). After the first match in Skopje, Polish team had a 2 goal advantage, but they were far from being sure of the next victory. The beginning of the game was nervous, there were a few yellow cards as well as 2 minute suspensions. For the first 20 minutes the result was in bounds of a draw and after that Kielce started gaining an advantage. Polish Champions’ defence began to work and Macedonians started having problems with scoring; as a result, Metalurg scored only 6 goals in the second half . What is more, it was a good match of Kielce’s goalkeeper Venio Losert who played very well, especially after the halftime. The second half was not as equal as the first one; Kielce were gaining more and more advantage and eventually won by 11 goals. This victory means that it is Vive Kielce that is going to play for the first time in the Final Four of the Champions League. The top scorer for Kielce was Michał Jurecki (8).

VIVE TARGI KIELCE: Szmal 1 save, Losert  12 saves, Jurecki 8/13, Zorman 1/2, Lijewski 2/4, Cupic 5(1)/7, Stojkovic 1/3, Musa 0/1, Buntic 3/6, Rosinski 2/3, Bielecki 0/3, Tkazcyk 2/2, Strlek 1/1, Olafsson 1/2
METALURG: Stanic 11 saves, Angelov 2 saves, Vugrinec 4(1)/10, Mojsovski 4/8, Georgievski 3/4, Rakcevic 1/2, Dimovski 2/2, Mirkulovski 0/1, Korazija 1/3, Doder 0/3, Alushovski 0/1
RESULTS: 0:2 (3.) 2:3 (7.) 4:5 (11.) 6:5 (13.) 7:7 (20.) 9:7 (23.) 10:8 (25.) 12:9 (32.), 13:10 (35.) 15:10 (39.) 15:11 (39.) 18:11 (47.) 23:12 (52. 24:13 (58.)



  1. Peter85

    29. April 2013. at 09:13

    Congratulations, my polish friends!
    If you get Hamburg then you could have chance.Unfortunately i think EHF wants to have a Kiel-Barca final..
    What do say about the draw as Veszprem had a “horror” group, after a Leon then now Kiel?
    We hungarians find that it was on purpose..Maybe we are wrong i don not know..
    Not because we did not qualify to the f4 but that was i guess the 4th or 5th year when we got the later winner or vice-champion..

  2. handball_fan_Wawa

    28. April 2013. at 20:54

    True. great match and great win. now we can everything !!

  3. Maciek

    28. April 2013. at 19:49

    Yes, We did!!!! 🙂

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