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FC Barcelona win Spanish Super Cup

FC Barcelona showed once again why are the best in Spain, but it wasn’t easy for Xavi Pascual boys to beat BM Granollers 26:23 in the first match of the season – Super Cup Final. Two teams from the neighborhood had open clash in which lefthanders – Lazarov with 8 and Tomas with 6 goals put Barca in front.

26 – BARCELONA (13+13):Pérez de Vargas; Noddesbo (1), Kopljar (-), Víctor Tomás (6), Raúl Entrerríos (2), Sorhaindo (-), Sarmiento (1), Gurbindo (1), Sigurdsson (2), Syprzak (-), Rutenka (1), Viran Morros (-), Jallouz (4), Lazarov (8,1p) y Aitor Ariño (-).
23 – GRANOLLERS (12+11):Almeida; Teixeira (1), Porras (1), Blanxart (-), Marc García (-), Álvaro Ferrer (-), Adriá Pérez (2), Figueras (4), Solé (3p), Cañellas (2), Resina (3), Gassama (-), Toledo (5) y Arnau (2)

The next challenge for FC Barcelona will be the IHF Super Globe next week in Doha, Qatar.

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