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**First ever joint statement by Forum Club Handball and agent association EHAA **

Cologne, June 9, 2024 – On Sunday during the Forum Club Handball meeting in Cologne, the first
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the European Handball Agents Association (EHAA)
and the Forum Club Handball (FCH) was signed.

Over the past months both parties engaged in extensive discussions and established working
groups, which also involved the International Handball Federation (IHF). Many experts considered
such a document between handball agents and clubs unlikely, but this signing proves otherwise.
The EHAA was represented at the signing by Andrej Golic (President of the Board) and Marko
Bošković (Managing Director). Representing the FCH were Xavier O’Callaghan (President of the FCH
Board for Men’s Clubs), Dr. Gerd Butzeck (Managing Director), and Zsolt Akos Jeney (President of
the FCH Board for Women’s Clubs).

The Memorandum of Understanding marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between
handball agents and clubs in handball. It lays the foundation for closer and more effective
cooperation, aiming to advance the sport of handball as a whole.

Andrej Golic, President of the Board of the EHAA, commented: “This agreement is a major step
towards professionalism and transparency in our industry. We look forward to future collaboration
with the FCH and are confident that together we can further develop the sport of handball.”
Marko Bošković, Managing Director of EHAA, added: “The signing of this MoU demonstrates our
shared commitment to handball. It is a strong signal that clubs and player agents are working
together to elevate the sport to the next level.”

Both the EHAA and the FCH are convinced that this Memorandum of Understanding will pave the
way for further progress and even closer cooperation.

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