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Flensburg wins “Unser Norden Cup” in Kiel

Flensburg is the winner of the “Unser Norden Cup” in Kiel. They haven’t beaten THW Kiel in the direct duel, but are proclaimed winners because they beat Aalborg by one goal more than THW Kiel. THW beat Aalborg with 21:17 (11:8), while Flensburg won with 19:14 (11:6) against them, and in the game between perhaps the two best teams in the Bundesliga, Flensburg and THW Kiel played a draw 16:16 (9:8). Mogensen and Heinl scored 3 goals each against THW, while THW had Narcisse and Vujin as topscorers with the same amount of goals. Filip Jicha did not play as he became father the same day.

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