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FRANCE 2017: Tickets, official song, Mont Blanc…

A little less than four months from the Men’s 2017 Handball World Championship kick-off, the Organising Committee held a press conference in Paris on Thursday to announce the launch the start of individual ticket sales from September 15th present the “Ambassadors Team”, introduce the World Championship official song and also to discuss the “Phenomenal Ascent” of Mont Blanc in a week’s time.

Individual ticket sales are open

Thursday the 15th of September is an important step towards the Men’s Handball World Championship: the press conference held at the UGC Ciné Cité Bercy, on the Bercy Village site, which will host the competition’s public entertainment village, the Organising Committee chaired by Joël Delplanque, officially launched the second phase of ticket sales – individual ticket sales to go live from 6pm on theofficial site.With 200,000 tickets sold, the first phase, which offered the public options to buy packs for several matches, proved successful, as confirmed by Joel Delplanque:

“We are really pleased to have reached already the symbolic figure of 200,000 sold tickets. The handball family rallied as expected, but I’m pleased that almost half of the ticket holders are not actual handball licenees.”

Indeed, 44% of tickets sold to date have been to non-licensees, representing thirty nationalities, while the distribution was well balanced between the three proposed price categories, proves that all audiences are interested in the world Championship in France. The Organising Committee hopes that the good figures continue during the second phase that begins September 15th. “The launch of individual ticket sales is an extension of French handball’s great summer, which should allow us to keep up the good pace”, says Joël Delplanque in reference to two Olympic silver medals won in Rio by the French men’s and women’s teams. To allow all audiences to enjoy an unforgettable and phenomenal experience at the World Championships in France in January 2017, the Organising Committee has implemented a balanced policy offering tickets for all sessions (a session is equivalent to a match), including for the final on January 29th, at affordable rates: 75% of the matches will be affordable, costing the same as a cinema ticket (€9). An exchange platform will be running, and almost all of the tickets will be electronic. Before the opening of individual ticket sales, 50,000 accounts had been created on the ticket sales webpage on the official World Championship  website – netizens can now place their orders!

A phenomenal “Ambassadors Team”
Following “Phenomenal” Ambassadress Claudio Tagbo and DJ Star FEDER who created the World Championship soundtrack “Lordly”, the Organising Committee introduced on Thursday four new equally remarkable ambassadors: Valérie Nicolas, Jérôme Fernandez, Philippe Gardent and Bruno Martini – 8 World Championship titles and 1,135 games for the French national team between them – will each contribute through their passion and experience to make the 2017 World Championship a thrilling sporting event for all.

The Trophy on Europe’s highest peak
Currently in full “Phenomenal Handball” Tour in the eight host towns of the competition, the magnificent World Championship Trophy (15cm high, 19,5kg) will be taken up to Mont Blanc (if the weather permits) on 22nd September during the “Phenomenal Ascent”! A climbing party made up of twelve members of the handball family has been several weeks preparing for this mission that is part of the special events coordinated by the Organising Committee to highlight the World Championship.

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