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France LNH (Round 18): PSG Handball with the first defeat of the season!

After 17 victories in a row this season, the super-stars team of PSG Handball had to taste the defeat. They were defeated at the always difficult visit at HBC Nantes with 26:24. However even if Montpellier win their game, PSG Handball would still have huge +5 points ahead of them, and therefore PSG Handball are still huge favorites for the title. Rivera led Nantes with 8 goals, while Maqueda contributed with 6 – while on the other side Kopljar and Hansen each scored 7 goals.

HBC Nantes 26:24 PSG Handball

PSG Handball : Kopljar (7 goals), Hansen (7), Bojinovic (5), Gunnarsson (3), Ouksir (1), Abalo (1)

Nantes: Rivera (8 goals), Maqueda (6), Sayad (4), Fernandez (3), Entrerrios (2), Dole (2), Gharbi (1)

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