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Germans smash Argentina – No place for Tobias Reichmann!

The last test of the German national team before the official start of the World’s Championship 2019 went in shadow of Christian Prokop’s decision about 16 players which will start tournament against Korea on January 10.

Argentina were took weak 28:13 (9:6) for strong German squad which will begin competition at Mercedes Arena in Berlin without right wing Tobias Reichmann and back-line player Tim Suton.

Germany will have only Patrick Groetzki on right wing position.

Germany – Argentina 28:13 (9:6)
Germany: Wolff, Heinevetter; Gensheimer (8), Lemke, Wiencek (1), Wiede (1), Pekeler (3), Weinhold (1), Strobel (2), Fäth (3), Groetzki (1), Semper (2), Musche (1), Böhm (2), Kohlbacher (1), Drux (2)
Argentina: Schulz, Maciel (1), F. Fernandez (1), S. Simonet, Pizarro (1), P. Simonet (2), Baronetto (4), Vieyra, Moscariello, J. Fernandez, Carou, Crivelli, Fischer, Martinez (2), Mourino, Parker (1),

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