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GERMANY: Berlin beat Goppingen

The only match on Tuesday in DKB Bundesliga was in Berlin, where domestic Fuchse beat Frisch Auf Goppingen 28:23 for the third win in fourth matches until now. Berlin’s right wing Zachrisson and right back Igropulo were the TOP scorer with 6 goals both, while Momir Rnic scored 5 goals for away team, who are still without any points in the new season -0:8.

FRISCH AUF!: Prost, Marinovic;
Kraus 3, Kneule 1, Oprea 2, Schöne 4, Späth, Beljanski, Lobedank 3, Pevnov 1, Fontaine 1, Thiede, Rnic 5, Schiller 3/3.

Füchse: Heinevetter, Stochl;
Löffler 1, Wiede 2, Spoljaric, Romero 3/3, Zachrisson 6, Jaszka 2, Horak 3, Igropulo 6/2, Nielsen 3, Christophersen 1, Petersen 1.

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1 Comment

  1. Lindt

    12. September 2013. at 12:47

    Auf wiedersehen….Petko

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