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Gille brothers officially sign for Chambery!

Now the transfer of the Gille brothers is official, and they are going to Chambery in July 2012. Guillaume obliged to a two-year contract, while his brother, Bertrand, will be staying a longer, signing a three-year contract. This promotes Chambery into a more serious contender to the so-far dominant Montpellier squad in the French division, also making Chambery a possible surprise in next years Champions League. Their third brother, Benjamin, is already playing in Chambery, so it will be an interesting situation, three brothers playing for the same club.

Guillaume and Bertrand played for Chambery from 1996 to 2002, and they said they are happy to come back to Savoie, the club which gave them international recognition in the handball world.

photo: Chambery Savoie HC

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