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Gille calls Pechmalbec and Konan – Fabregas and Tournat to miss EHF week

Ludovic Fabregas (positive for Covid-19) and Nicolas Tournat (contact case in Kielce) having had to forfeit, Guillaume Gille decided to call two new players for the internship of the France team, which takes place this week in the Maison du handball de Créteil. The first is Dragan Pechmalbec, who already has three selections with the Blues. The second is Karl Konan, who is called him for the first time. Arrived in Aix from Côte d’Ivoire, the left-back, defense specialist, obtained his naturalization a little less than two years ago, in December 2018. “I am proud and excited to be present in this group, I already have this role of defender in my club and I am happy to get recognition., rejoices the Aixois, in a press release from the FFHB. Note that the Habs will not have to play matches this week. 

The list of 21 players

Goalkeeper: Vincent Gérard (Paris) ,  Rémi Desbonnet (Nîmes) ,  Yann Genty (Paris)
Left wing: Mathieu Grebille (Paris)
 ,  Michaël Guigou (Nîmes), Hugo Descat (Montpellier)
Left-back:  Timothey N’Guessan (Barcelona),  Elohim Prandi (Paris) , Romain Lagarde (Rhein-Neckar), Karl Konan (Aix)
Mid-center: Aymeric Minne (Nantes) ,  Nicolas Claire (Aix)
Right-back: Adrien Dipanda (Saint-Raphaël)
 ,  Nedim Remili (Paris) , Dika Mem (Barcelona),  Melvyn Richardson (Montpellier)
Right wing:  Luc Abalo (Elverum),  Benoît Kounkoud (Paris)
Pivot: Cédric Sorhaindo (Barcelona), Dragan Pechmalbec (Nantes) ,  Luka Karabatic (Paris)

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