Golden Hungarian generation 2002

Hungarian girls in generation 2002 won again European title! Hungary beat Russia 31:22 at the final of Women’s EHF EURO U19 2021 in Slovenian Celje.

The bronze medal won France after beating Sweden 30:29.

Placement matches 5-8

Denmark vs Romania 21:28 (10:15)

Croatia vs Germany 24:20 (12:12)


Placement matches 9-12

Norway vs Czech Republic 33:27 (15:8)

Switzerland vs Slovakia 33:28 (15:11)

Placement matches 13-16

Austria vs Montenegro 31:33 (15:15)

Final ranking

1st Hungary

2nd Russia

3rd France

4th Sweden

5th Romania

6th Denmark

7th Croatia

8th Germany

9th Norway

10th Czech Republic

11th Switzerland

12th Slovakia

13th Montenegro

14th Austria

15th Slovenia

*16th Portugal (withdrew from the championship)


All-star Team

Goalkeeper: Anna Bukovszky (Hungary)

Left wing: Maja Merai (Hungary)

Left back: Daria Statsenko (Russia)

Centre back: Lena Grandveau (France)

Right back: Nina Koppang (Sweden)

Right wing: Bruna Zrnic (Croatia)

Line player: Sarah Boukit (France)

Best defender: Charite Mumbongo (Sweden)

MVP: Blanka Kajdon (Hungary)

Top scorer: Katarina Pandza (Austria – 68 goals)

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