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Handball Area: “Are you ready for the season?”

Handballarea.com is a specializated handball e-shop based in Barcelona, Spain. The store is managed by 4 former handball players and the owner played in the second team of F.C.Barcelona in the 90’s, and had the honor to train and play with the famous Balkan players Veselin Vujovic and Veselin Vukovic.

They have the widest range of handball shoes and specializated clothes and equipment. The purchase method is very easy and clean through the e-shop, and there is 4 payment options. Everybody can be in contact with the sales team by e-mail, skype and facebook in order to make inquiries and answer questions like availability, delivery time, and technical issues.

As a followers of handball-planet (Balkan-handball) you have a welcome gift for your purchase. It is a bonus of 15 € in all the orders over 100 €. Promo will be activated when you create the order in our e-shop.


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