Handball train ready for WC 2011

A train – all dressed in the Handball World Championship’s colors – runs now in southern Sweden and in Denmark. “The train consists of three cars. The first and the last is blue and yellow, while the middle one is Danish red and white. The Handball World Championship is the biggest thing happening in Scandinavia in 2011 and we’d love to find some unusual ways to market the championship. The Arenas is located in southern parts of Sweden and a large part the WCh arenas is reached in a fast and environmentally friendly way with Öresundståg . It is particularly gratifying that the WCh 2011 and Öresundståg together have been able to “dress up” a train in the Handball World Championship’s colors and style,” says Ola Richardsson, Marketing and Communications manager for the Handball World Championships 2011. It is the first time a Öresundståg is “dressed” in this way. “We are very happy about this cooperation with the Handball World Championships 2011, wich is a large and important event for Sweden. Öresundståg run between several WCh cities with many departures to Malmö, Lund, Kristianstad and Gothenburg. To Malmö Arena, located next to Hyllie’s new station, you can go direct with Öresundståg from many cities in Sweden and in Denmark,” says Gunnar Wulff, CEO of Öresund AB Swedish national team players who are pictured on the train is Dalibor Doder, Kim Anderson and Jonas Larholm.


source: handball2011.com

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