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HandStar game 2014 in Montpellier on December 20

HandStar game of the French League will be played on December 20 in Montpellier. Teams are decided after fan voting. Domestic players will face the biggest foreign stars of LNH.

Goalkeeper: Thierry Omeyer (PSG)
Left wing Michael Guigou (Montpellier)
Left back: Jerome Fernandez (Toulouse)
Playmaker: Nicolas Claire (Nantes)
Right back: Valentin Porte (Toulouse)
Right wing: Luc Abalo (Paris)
Line player: Luka Karabatić (Aix)

Substitutions: Vincent Gerard (Dunkerque), Hugo Descat (Créteil), Mathieu Grebille (Montpellier), Daniel Narcisse (PSG), Adrien Di Panda (St. Raphael), Cedric Paty (Chambéry), Mathieu Lafranchi (Cesson)

Goalkeeper: Skof Gorazd (Nantes)
Left wing: Valero Rivera (Nantes)
Left back: Mikkel Hansen (PSG)
Playmaker: Diego Simonet (Montpellier)
Right back: Vid Kavticnik (Montpellier)
Right wing: Dragan Gajić (Montpellier)
Line player: Miha Žvižej (Toulouse)

Substitutions: Aljosa Rezar (Tremblay), Nemanja Ilić (Toulouse), Pawel Podsiadlo (Nîmes), Snorri Guðjónsson (Colmar), Jorge Maqueda (Nantes), Jaleleddine Touati (Dunkerque), Mohamed Mokrani (Dunkerque)

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