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Haukur Thrastarson until 2025 in Kielce!

One of the biggest talents of Icelandic handball, Haukur Thrastarson, will stay two more years at PGE Kielce. Now, 19-years old playmaker has valid contract until 2025.

The playmaker takes part in the team training, but is injured for the time being.

Haukur has a broken fifth metatarsal bone. Two weeks ago, he underwent an operation during which the bone fragments were fused, and now we are working according to the guidelines of a doctor from Iceland – explains the club physiotherapist, Tomasz Młosiek – We exercise to stimulate the ossification process, i.e. we load the foot to the limit of pain. We increase the so-called a muscle pump so that metabolites and nutrients are distributed faster, which affects regeneration.

Haukur wears an orthopedic shoe on a daily basis and performs some exercises in it, e.g. riding a stationary bike. For others, e.g. exercises with rubbers, the shoe is removable. The athlete actively trains the upper muscles in the gym with the rest of the team. At the end of August, Haukur will travel to Iceland, where he will have a follow-up visit with a doctor who will provide recommendations for the next period.

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