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HC Metalurg, Wisla Plock, Pick Szeged and Montpellier got Wild Card

The four clubs that will be given Wild Card and will have chance at participating in the Champions League are HC Metalurg from Macedonia, Wisla Plock from Poland, Pick Szeged from Hungary and the French Montpellier. The tournament will be played 31 August/1 September 2013. The winner goes to the Group Phase and the remaining three teams will participate in the EHF Cup.

Under these circumstances, HSV Hamburg and Fuchse Berlin will play home and away matches between them, which will decide who will progress to the Group Stage.



  1. hartza0

    25. June 2013. at 15:32

    I also think Szeged and Montpellier will be the principal favourites because they both will have a very great teams next season, but it depends a lot the place where will be the Wild Card tournament………If it is in Szeged, Pick Szeged will have a lot of posibility, but they have many new players and a new coach so it is very difficult for them to win the tournament if it is not in Hungary. I see Montpellier a few more favourite than Pick Szeged and we nevar can forget Wisla Plock with Cadenas like coach and Metalurg after his fantastic Champions this season. It is very difficult to know which will be the winner.

  2. Wisła Płock

    25. June 2013. at 06:42

    Only Wisła! Go Oilers!

  3. Mikler16

    24. June 2013. at 16:55

    no chance Metalurg… Pick Szeged-Montpellier in the final!

  4. kielce

    21. June 2013. at 15:06

    ja pierdole ale oszustwo. hsv mialo grac o dzika karte a tu zagra w systemie h/a z lisami. i zwyciezca awansuje. nie ma to jak “zasady”


    21. June 2013. at 12:41

    Wisla Plock!


    21. June 2013. at 11:44

    Metalurg the wunner

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