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Hungary: Pick Szeged remains undefeated on home ground

The last match of the regular season between hosts Pick Szeged and Tatabánya started at a very odd time on Sunday at 13.10. Szeged had one missing player, playmaker Dániel Buday. There wasn’t too much at stake as Pick had already finished 2., Tatabánya 4. The guests had four former Szeged players, ‘forever young’ Ivo Diaz and the captain of the Hungarian national team Gergely Harsányi on their side.

In the first ten minutes it seemed that lunch had a very bad effect on Pick players as the guests quickly gained a five-goal lead (1-6). Coach Skaliczki substituted frequently and tried many unusual tactical variations which is why Szeged’s play was erratic at best. After 10 minutes team captain Attila Vadkerti shifted to higher gear and Pick started getting closer, but they could only equalize in the 24th minute (9-9). Key Pick players began to take more active role, goals by Ancsin and Sulc with successful run-ins by Vadkerti resulted in a 3-goal Szeged lead at half-time (14-11). The biggest difference was reached in the 42th minute (22-14). Yet another setback in Szeged’s play followed (it’s possible some players were already thinking about next week’s CL quarterfinal against Kielce…), allowing Tatabánya to getback into the match a few minutes before the end (25-22).
They were unable to equalize however meaning that Pick Szeged kept their undefeated status at home in the Hungarian League (28-22). Young Szeged goalkeeper Mihály Tóth’s performance was remarkable, he produced many great saves, including two penalties during his playtime.

Best scorers: Ancsin 6, Prodanovic-Pribanic 4 / Lele 5, Harsányi 4


Text: Gábor Várkonyi, Péter Butty


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