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Hungary, Sweden, Croatia, Iceland, Spain at the Olympic Games!!!

Some of the teams that will go to the Olympic Games in London 2012 are already known. It is the national teams of Hungary, Sweden, Croatia, Iceland, Poland and Spain. The only unknown is whether Serbia or Poland will be the last traveler.

In Gothenburg, Hungary hard harder-than-expected job against Brazil, and won the game with 29:27 (16:15). Brazil managed to hold tight and not let Hungary get away, and in the final minutes of the game even had the chance to attempt equalizers, but in the end to be satisfied only with the fact that they showed a game against a very strong favorite. With the Swedish victory over Macedonia with 27:23, Sweden is the second qualified team from this group. An outstanding performance from Kim Andersson in the second half, and rather bad performance from Kiril Lazarov, teams main stars, was decisive in this game.

In Varazdin, the favorites justified their roles. Croatia had a very easy game against Chile, and won comfortably with 35:15 (17:9). The Croatian wingers were the most efficient in this game, Batinovic and Horvat each scored 6 goals.  The second game between Iceland and Japan meant continuation of the European teams in this group and brought no surprise, Iceland winning easily 41:30.

In Alicante, the game of the day was Serbia against Poland. The game was very tight one, with no team making big goal difference in the first half, and the result at half time was 15:14 for Poland. Second half was very similar, with Polish only managing to make a small advantage before the end of the game. Three minutes before the end they had 3 goals lead, but with two in a row Serbia fought back and made it 25:24, and with Polish missing with 10 seconds to go, Serbia makes counter-attack through Nincevic and scores for 25:25. Poland fails to score in the last attack, and thus makes things much more complicated for them, with tomorrow deciding everything. Spain confirmed their Olympic visum by winning against Algeria with28:20 (14:9).

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