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Igor Vori leaves HSV Hamburg and moves to MKB Veszprem!?

According to reports from bild.de, Igor Vori, one of HSV Hamburg‘s best this season, is to leave the club at the end of the season, and move to the Hungarian Champions MKB Veszprem. Reports say that the reason was that Vori refused the 20% decreasement of salary and have therefore gotten himself the anger of the boss Rudolph and the co-players. This happening, it is quite possible that initial contacts have been made with MKB Veszprem, which definitely would see benefit of acquiring a pivot like Igor Vori and even more fiercely attack the Champions League title. Vori himself said that he has contract until 2014, and no contacts with Veszprem have been made yet.

source: bild.de



  1. boris

    2. December 2012. at 07:30

    Vori is best handball player in 2012

  2. nonamenofame

    28. November 2012. at 16:22

    Vori is best pivot in world in last 10 years

  3. funny

    21. November 2012. at 09:36

    who is the best ??????? pavlovic ???????????

    funny Croats

  4. ana pavlovic

    13. November 2012. at 09:49

    Igor Vori is the best as we know.
    go Vori go!

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