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IK Savehof domination in Sweden!

Both Savehof’s teams, men and women won the Swedish championship last weekend in the Play Off Finals in the “Malmo Arena” in front of 12.000 fans. Women team destroys Lugi 27:14 (9:8) in the second half.

IK Sävehof: Ida Odén 10 (4), Jamina Roberts 3, Jenny Wikensten 1, Edijana Dafé 2, Jenny Alm 3, Karin Isaksson 3, Hanna Fogelström 2, Martina Adamsson Jenssen 2.

Lugi: Linn Larsson 3, Maria Adler 2, Sabina Jacobsen 2 (1), Hanna Ringdahl 3, Therese Walter 3, Petra Skogsberg 1,

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