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Jakov Gojun: Croatia have bigger potential than Denmark and France

One of the best defensive players in world of handball, Croatian Jakov Gojun from Fuchse Berlin, talked for Balkan-Handball.com about dissapointment after Olympic quarter-final defeat against Poland, but also a huge potential which Croatia have in his opinion:

  • The thing which hurt me most is that we beat Denmark and France, and after it we didn’t win a medal. That was one of the toughest defeats in my career. It was tough to leave Rio when you knew how much you gave for that, worked whole summer, without family. It was horrible. I don’t feel good even now when I am talking about it – said Gojun who also praised Poland:
  • When you beat someone 15 goals in front of 15.000 their fans in Krakow, then of course, it is tough to not underestimate, but we didn’t. We knew how experienced is that group of players, that they won EHF Champions League few months ago, who is Talant. I know Talant very well, we worked together in Madrid. He doesn’t want to lose in any single practice on training. We began bad, couldn’t make foul on Bielecki who find the shooting form in right moment with some unbeliavable goals at the end. It’s pity. We had a big chance to win another Olympic medal.

What about future…

  • We have a big raiting and people expect from us to fight for the medals. We aren’t serious team if we don’t quality for the semi-final. We are aware of that, but we have a lot of youngstars who have to find themselves in the national team. We have a huge potential, bigger than France and Denmark. The World Championship 2017 is ahead of us, and I have one dream – to make revenge to France, as they beat us in Zagreb 2009 at the final – concluded Fuchse Berlin defender, Jakov Gojun. 
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