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Junior WC in Greece: “Black Thursday” for Serbs and Hungarians

Many interesting games has been seen in the Round 4 of the Preliminary Round at the Junior World Championship in Greece. “Black Thursday” is the correct name for the performances of the two respectabile European teams, Serbia and Hungary.

Serbian team lost their third match in a row against Slovenia 19:28 and probably lost all the chances to qualify for the TOP 16 phase. In Group A, Slovenia, Tunisia and France secured places in the TOP 16, while Norway has to beat Chile tommorow.

In Group B, Denmark secured first place and probably Scandinavian clash in the TOP 16 phase against Norway. Four teams have still chances for TOP 16 – Argentina, Algeria, Qatar and Greece.

In Group C, Germany wins first place against Korea 46:33. Second will be Egypt after win over Brasil 28:18, while third and four visa for TOP 16 will get South Americans and Russia.

Finally, Group D, where Sweden destroyed weak Hungarian team 40:17, surprisingly high for the clashes between European teams.  Spain will take the first place after win over Portugal 35:31. Hungary will decide, whether will qualify for the TOP 16 phase in direct battle against Iran.


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