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Jurecki takes Cup trophy to Kielce!

After a thrilling final, Polish Cup of 2014 goes to Vive Targi Kielce. Polish champions won their 11. Cup after beating Orlen Wisła Płock 33:32. The very first goal was scored by Kielce but Wisła responded immediately; during the first minutes the teams played very equally and it was a pretty good forecast for the rest of the game. Kielce defence soon started having problems, especially with brilliant Kamil Syprzak, who was not stopped until the very end. What is more, Wisła was backed by good defence and the saves of their goalie Marin Šego. It let Płock pushed ahead a bit, not for long though. A few minutes later it was Kielce that were one the lead; both teams kept surging back and forth. Finally, Wisła made use of Kielce average play and reached 3 goal distance. However, when it might have seemed that Płock were taking a revenge against the defending champions, in the last minutes Kielce reduced the gap and equalized at 16:16. Right before the break Płock got back the position of the leader and they took one goal lead to the dressing room (16:17).

In the second half, it was Kielce that had the better start – they not only reduced the gap again but also took the lead. They could not enjoy it for long as this half started resembling the previous one and neither Kielce nor Płock were able to take the upper hand. Better start of Kielce turned into worse continuation; problems both in attack and defence made their play look a bit poor while Wisła stayed strong in defence and Syprzak again was not disturbed much by the defenders. However, in the last minutes Kielce, equalized again; the extra time was in the air when, with nearly 10 seconds to go, the result was 32:32. The last action has made Michał Jurecki the Kielce hero of the day, as he managed to hit the net in the last second which gave Kielce the Polish Cup. 

The third place was taken by Azoty Puławy after winning against Chrobry Głogów 26:22.




  1. Dante

    14. April 2014. at 18:43

  2. Quinie

    14. April 2014. at 18:23

    Jurecki takes Cup trophy to Kielce! after six steps…referees fatal mistake!

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