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KIELCE IN CRISIS: Dunkerque beat Polish champions!

After an awful performance, Vive Targi Kielce were beaten by Dunkerque HB Grand Littoral 25:30. Kielce began quite well as they gained a few goal advantage. Dunkerque could not figure out Polish defence plus there was also Sławomir Szmal who saved a couple of shots. Then Polish champions slowed down. They wasted a number of good chances to score (i.e. missed penalty shot) and the french team caught up with their opponent. The referees stopped having the situation well in hands for a moment and started making mistakes. Last minutes of the first half were great for Kielce who, paradoxically, played with one player on the bench. They left the court with 3 goal distance and with a hope for a good performance in the second half. And in fact, it did not start bad – the distance started getting bigger and when there were excellent chances to make it 5 goals, they were wasted.

This was the moment when the catastrophe started approaching. First Dunkerque made the result a draw and then it was just a show of Kielce’s incapacity. Not even one element worked well. It did not change until the very end and therefore Vive lost by 5 goals, having made a very bad impression. Thus Kielce also wasted an unexpected gift from Porto as they beat KIF Kolding 27:24 .

Dunkerque HB – Vive Targi Kielce 30:25 (12:15)

Dunkerque: Gerard – Nagy 7, Mokrani 6, Butto 5, Guillard 3, Joli 3/3, Lie Hansen 2, Soudry 2, Afgour 1, Touati 1, Lamon.

Vive: Szmal, Losert – Strlek 4, Cupić 3 (0/1), Lijewski 3, Musa 3, Zorman 3, Aguinagalde 2, Jurecki 2, Olafsson 2 (1/1), Tkaczyk 2, Buntić 1, Bielecki, Chrapkowski, Grabarczyk.


1. THW Kiel6501180:166(14)10
1. KIF Kolding Kobenhavn7502173:165(8)10
3. KS Vive Targi Kielce7403206:188(18)8
4. Orlen Wisla Plock6303163:154(9)6
5. FC Porto Vitalis7205161:188(-27)4
6. Dunkerque HB Grand Littora…7106163:185(-22)2


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