Kiril Lazarov about Chema Rodriguez: He prepares coffee, you just need to drink

Macedonian and Barca’s star Kiril Lazarov spoke in interview for about many aspects of his career, but also handball in general. The World BEST right back in 2014 by, gave the interesting comment about his former team-mate from period of BM Ciudad Real and BM Atletico Madrid, Chema Rodriguez:

-You have 6-7 world’s best coaches, and then, a lot of space is empty, before the list of only good coaches. I don’t want to mention any of them. If you have lucky in your career to work with some of them, you are lucky guy. Look, for example, Momir Ilić. Of course, Moša has been Moša in Kiel also, but he was born again in Veszprem. Why? Because of the system, coach, Chema Rodriguez, who prepares everything, nicely put you into the game. Moša will be the best while Chema is next to him. Someone prepares coffe for you, you just have to take it and drink. Don’t take me wrong about Moša, but I have played with Chema, and I know how it is – explained Kiril Lazarov how is that when you have a good playmaker in the team.

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