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Kiril Lazarov’s “Best 7” team-mates!

Macedonian handball star and of the best left-handed player in Europe, Kiril Lazarov has chose the “Best 7” of his career consisted of his current or previous team-mates. That was a question of contest on his official website, but nobody from the fans hit all six. The one who was the closest will get Lazarov’s t-shirt from his previous teams.

Here are the Lazarov’s perfect seven:

Goalkeeper: Dejan Peric

Left wing Jonas Kalman

Left back: Carlos Peres

Playmaker: Domagoj Duvnjak

Right wing: Luc Abalo

Line player: Julien Agiunagalde

Defense specialist: Didiert Dinart

Coach: Talant Duyshebaev



  1. OP

    19. September 2012. at 05:29

    Best lefthanded player in Europe?!?!?! Hello! Kim Andersson!

  2. Judit

    16. September 2012. at 18:01

    Peric!:)) Úgy van Kiró!:)

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