Lindgren: “We can be satisfied”; Sundovski: “We played our game”

The impressions after the Sweden-Macedonia match were given by the coaches Ola Lindgren (Sweden) and Zvonko Sundovski (Macedonia), as well as their respective players, Tobias Karlsson (Sweden) and Kire Lazarov (Macedonia).

– It was a hard game, we played in a fantastic atmosphere. We had problems in the beginning, and we also had 3 goals led in the end and a ball. But we can be satisfied from the shown – said Ola Lindgren, Sweden’s coach.

– Hard game, Sweden is a very hard opponent and very strong team. They were 4th at the World Championship, a team from the elite. We proved again that we play well against quality teams. It was a hard game in which we played our game. In the end we managed to make a comeback and show we are respectable opponent. We had our chance, but we’re satisfied from the result – said Zvonko Sundovski, Macedonia’s coach.

– Very hard game and very specific, with lots of exclusions. It was a great atmosphere, we had a great chance to win, but we failed to capitalize it. – said Tobias Karlsson, Sweden’s player.

– I’m sorry we didn’t win as we had our chance. I’m satisfied with the point as Sweden is a quality team. Seeing their player’s club says enough. Sweden’s defence did not allow us play different type of attacks. This group is very interesting, maybe the most interesting. Czech Republic’s victory over Germany for me is unexpected. We played under huge pressure as the expectations from our nation are huge. Today we felt as at home, but we will feel at home even more on Tuesday – said Kiril Lazarov, Macedonia’s player.

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