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Lino Cervar: “We have to win against Gorenje; SEHA’s schedule unfair to us”

Lino Cervar, HC Metalurg’s Skopje held a press-conference on Thursday, ahead of the match against Gorenje Velenje. On the press-conference he spoke of the upcoming game against Gorenje Velenje, as well as the defeat to Nexe Nasice in the SEHA Regional league and the situation in the SEHA.

“The game against Nexe showed how easily one day you can be on sky, the next on earth. In the sport you don’t live on old glory, and you have to prove yourself every day. The absence of Mojsovski, Mirkulovski and Dimovski is no excuse for the defeat. Gorenje is a team that plays similar handball to Nexe. It’s a team with huge fighting spirit, and in defence on the verge of exclusion sometimes. They play fast and can punish all mistakes of the other team and play hard zone and fast transition of the game. We must play better in defence and concede less than 30 goals, but on the other hand last year’s statistics shows that in 93% of the games Gorenje scores more than 30 goals. Only with a victory against Gorenje, the win in Chambery will gain on importance. We’ll try our best, and travel to Silkeborg with huge self-confidence.” – said Lino Cervar of the game against Gorenje that is to be played on Saturday at 18:00.

“I support the regional SEHA League, and I think it should be positively used. Even though I don’t like to criticize, I still think that the organizational things should be set otherwise so that all teams have equal opportunities. We (Metalurg) and RK Zagreb are the only teams that play in the Champions League from the teams that participate in SEHA, which means that all other teams can rest until February when the EHF Cup begins. The problem is that, while we play in the Champions League, we also have four away games in SEHA, while RK Zagreb at the same time has only one away game.”  – clarified Lino Cervar on the SEHA conditions

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