Macedonian League with 16 teams in season 2020/2021

Macedonian Handball Federation has decided to close the current season 2019/2020 without champions and relegations

Management will decide about teams who will participate in EHF Cup competitions according to certain criteria.

Next season the Super league will have 16 teams divided in two groups with 8 teams. Four best from each group will play in Play-Off for the title.

This means teams who competing in SEHA League will play regular season for the first time after many years, but also four teams from second League.




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  2. Sotiris Karvelis

    17. April 2020. at 17:26

    By the way,there is no country with the name “Macedonia” but “North Macedonia”.Thank you in advanse for your action to change it.
    Thank you for your time
    Karvelis Sotiris

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