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Miracle in Kiel – Barca beat PSG in Karabatic “last dance”

Not even THW Kiel fans believed in words of coach Filip Jicha that his team “can beat anyone with 10 goals”. Over 1.700 seats stayed empty at Wunderino Arena against Montpellier after -9 loss a week ago in away clash 30:39. Unfortunately, those fans didn’t see spectacular game of their players who managed to beat rival with 31:21 and secure Final4 event in Cologne.

THW Kiel – Montpellier HB 31:21 (17:12)

THW Kiel: Mrkva (12/1 saves), Bellahcene; Johansson 8/1, Bilyk 7, Reinkind 6, Pekeler 4, Wiencek 4, Ekberg 2, Duvnjak, Overby, Faust, Dahmke, Szilagyi, Gurbindo, Wallinius, Skipagotu

Montpellier HB: Bolzinger (6 saves), Desbonnet (3 saves); Pellas 6, Y. Lenne 4, Porte 4, A. Lenne 3, Monte Dos Santos 1, Nacinovic 1, D. Simonet 1, Skube 1, Karlsson, Fernandez, Panic, Prat, Konan, Cornette

Barcelona beat PSG Handball 32:31 just to confirm placement at Cologne’s event after win in Paris 30:22.


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